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DandN's Elvis Presley Fan Club
Members List

Current Members

Here are our current members. If you would like your e-mail address posted or would like to be removed from the membership list, please contact Nancie Craft, President, D&N's Elvis Presley Fan Club: ElvisJunky@aol.com

Nancie Craft, President - ElvisJunky@aol.com; Dotti Varnell, Vice President - slotcar@net1.net; Mandie Craft, Treasurer - mandie@craftpersonnel.com; Delores McAllister, Secretary; Barbara Teer; Kate Robertson; Parker Robertson; Marty Keagle; Becki Greene; Walt Harrison; Ted Cook; Tyke Harrison; Margaret Freisinger; Rozanne Chamberlain; Cindy Fellows; Debbie Hull; Juanita Lichtenberg; Joe Fordo; Mike Malitas. Honorary members: Mike & Cindy Freeman; Bill & Connie Burk; Jay Gordon; Mary Hinds; Marjorie Wilkinson; John O'Hara; Robin Roseann; Brenda Bevans; Chuck Bevans; Chris MacDonald. (this is only a partial list of our current members!)

Welcome New Members!

We are thrilled to have doubled our membership in 2002! We now have members from 3 continents and 20 states! Thank you for joining and welcome to D&N's Elvis Presley Fan Club!


Here are members Cindy, Penni, JoAnn and Rozanne at the Blue Hawaii Dance Party during Elvis Week 2001!


Dotti, Nancie & Marty Keagle visit Graceland during Elvis Week 2001.